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Do you have a busy schedule? Do you work weekends? Do your obligations prevent you from getting away for 4-8 hours at a time? Well Condition Yellow Defense is your company because we come to you! The classroom portion will be completed in the comfort of your home. Once completed, we will head to the nearest range to complete the live fire qualification. This takes about an hour, which minimizes your time from being away from home. 

This is only for the new and renew CCW applicants, as HR 218 is completed solely on a range. New CCW applicants may also split the 8 hour class into two 4 hour classes to accommodate your schedule. 

Head on over to the contact us section and let us know how we can help you! 


8 Hr Class

Civilian: $120
Military/LE/First Responders: $100


4 Hr Class

Civilian: $60
Military/LE/First Responders: $50

HR 218



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Students will need to have their current Nevada ID/Drivers License, along with the firearm they intend to qualify with.  

If the student qualifies with a firearm with a 5 shot capacity, they will need 25 rounds of ammunition. 

If the student qualifies with a firearm with a 6+ shot capacity, they will need 30 rounds of ammunition. 

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